Richmond police, Walmart team to replace child’s stolen birthday bike

Richmond police, Walmart team to replace child's stolen birthday bike
Photos courtesy of the Richmond Police Department

A 12-year-old boy whose brand new bike was stolen two days after his birthday didn’t have to go long without a two-wheeler thanks to the efforts of Richmond police officers and Walmart.

On Monday, Richmond police dispatchers received a call about a bicycle that had been stolen overnight, police said. When the day-shift patrol officer arrived to take the report, she learned the bicycle had been a birthday gift for the child, who turned 12 just two days before.

“Officers on the day-shift patrol team immediately sprung into action, pooling their money to share the cost of a new bicycle and safety equipment to brighten the child’s day,” police said.

That’s not all.

“When the management staff at Walmart found out why an RPD officer was purchasing a bicycle at their store, they graciously contributed to the cause, which helped officers purchase more accessories to keep the child, and his new bicycle, safe and secure,” police said.

On Monday afternoon, police delivered the new bicycle and safety equipment to the “very surprised, extremely happy” boy.

“RPD officers could hardly contain their smiles and joy as well, sharing in our young resident’s happiness,” police said. “We are proud of our day-shift patrol team for exemplifying RPD’s mission and values by serving our community with compassion, collaboration, and unwavering commitment.”