Point Richmond’s Masa Taqueria aims to add alcohol to offerings

Masa Taqueria aims to expand to second Richmond location
Masa Taqueria is located at 199 Park Place in Point Richmond (Photos by Kathy Chouteau)

By Kathy Chouteau

A Point Richmond taqueria known for its hand-crafted tamales is hoping to add another special offering to its menu: alcohol.

Masa Taqueria, located at 199 Park Place in the Point, has applied for a conditional use permit (CUP) with the Richmond Planning Commission, a request that received unanimous support from the Executive Board of the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council (PNRC).

Owner Johnathan Bermudez has applied for a Type 47 alcohol beverage control (ABC) license at its existing 6,547 sq. ft. building. The commission is scheduled to take it up at its Thurs., June 17 meeting.

Masa Taqueria, which is a full-service Mexican restaurant with indoor/outdoor seating and ten employees, is currently experiencing growth, according to the agenda report. Bermudez stated on his application that the eatery “aims to be on top of the list of best restaurants in Richmond and the larger Bay Area by increasing its offerings to customers.” If granted the Type-47 ABC license, it would be authorized to sell beer, wine and distilled spirits for drinking on the premises and would be required to maintain its status as a “bona fide eating place, maintain suitable kitchen facilities and make actual and substantial sales of meals for consumption on the premises,” per the agenda report.

Masa Mexican taqueria in Point Richmond a dream realized
Johnathan Bermudez opened Masa in Point Richmond, inspired by his mother Rose’s cooking. (Photos by Kathy Chouteau)

Regulatory Unit staff from Richmond’s Police Department indicated to the City’s Planning staff that no problems exist that would be aggravated by the proposed project. According to the agenda report, they have requested the applicant also apply for an alcohol license with the department.

Upon review, Planning staff is recommending Masa Taqueria’s CUP be approved by the commission. A letter from Peter Thelin, president of the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council, included with the application, also indicated its support of the restaurant’s application.

“The Executive Board of the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council (PNRC) presented Rosa’s petition for a liquor license to our membership at our General Membership Meeting on Feb. 24 and put the petition to a vote on [Feb. 10]. It passed unanimously,” wrote Thelin, referring to Bermudez’s mother, Rosa, who inspires the restaurant’s menu. “We at the PRNC are sure she will be a conscientious owner and manager and her restaurant will make a valuable addition to our community.”

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