Biden to nominate former Richmond police chief to head Border Patrol

Police Chief Chris Magnus stands next to Mayor Tom Butt at a Richmond demonstration over police killings in 2014. (Photo credited to Mayor Tom Butt)

President Joe Biden will nominate former Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus, currently the police chief of Tucson, Ariz., to lead Customs and Border Protection, according to The New York Times.

Magnus was Richmond’s police chief from 2006 to 2015, during which he was credited with leading a community policing effort that saw significant crime reduction in the city. He became nationally known for holding a Black Lives Matter sign during a protest in Richmond in December 2014. Previous to his tenure in Richmond, he was the chief of the Fargo, N.D., police department.

The Times points out Magnus is “a critic of the Trump administration’s anti-immigration policies.”

“If confirmed, Mr. Magnus would step into a politically divisive challenge facing the Biden administration: how to handle a record number of border crossings that are projected to increase in the coming months,”

Read the Times’ full report here.