55th Annual WCCUSD Student Art Show goes virtual for first time

55th Annual WCCUSD Student Art Show
Artwork by Alexander Sanchez Reyes, Grade 9, Kobe, 2021, Digital Pinole Valley High School, Teacher: Tremor (Part of the 55th Annual WCCUSD Student Art Show)

The 55th Annual WCCUSD Student Art Show has gone virtual for the first time, launching on April 9 and running through June 4 (view the exhibition here).

The partnership between the Richmond Art Center and West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) showcases over 200 works from talented student artists in various forms such as drawing, painting, collage, photography and sculpture.

“The WCCUSD Student Art Show exemplifies teachers and students moving forward with virtual learning; finding ways for innovative arts curriculum and artistic expression,” the district said.

Participating schools include De Anza High, Fred T. Korematsu Middle, Hercules High, John F. Kennedy High, Pinole Valley High and Richmond High.

The exhibition’s Artistic Merit Award Winners include Yamna Ahmadi (Pinole Valley High), Monica Jimenez (John F. Kennedy High), Jonathan (Richmond High), Nhi (De Anza High), Jeremy Lara (Pinole Valley High), Isabella Sesante Aurigui (Fred T. Korematsu Middle), Jasmine Agapito (Hercules High), Karyna Kolley (De Anza High), Aaeh Chao (John F. Kennedy High), Bertha (Pinole Valley High), Monte (Pinole Valley High).