Richmond business’ healing powers come at critical time

'Hood healers:' Richmond health store opens at critical time
Natrully Herbs and More is located at 4113 Macdonald Ave. in Richmond. (Photos contributed)

By Mike Kinney

Meet the “hood healers.”

In May last year, Dasan and Free Mahaway, as well as Eddy Perez and Janika McDaniel, collaborated to open Natrully Herbs and More at 4113 Macdonald Ave. in Richmond, with the aim of bringing their love of herbs and healthy lifestyles to the local community.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, that mission couldn’t be more relevant, particularly for a community suffering from high rates of conditions that heighten the risk for severe illness with the virus, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, according to Janae Harris, marketing and outreach coordinator for the business.

“During this pandemic in dealing with the times we are in now, people are getting sick in a rapid way. They’re looking to going back to the original ways of herbs and diet,” Harris said. “We’re not only providing the herbs as the avenue, Natrully Herbs and More is a safe place to relearn the use of natural remedies.”

Natrully Herbs and More exists to educate neighbors on wellness, herbs, veganism and self-care. The business has a large inventory of 150 plus herbs and herbal blends. Their selection includes candles, floral smudge sticks, crystal facial rollers, natural body oils and hair care products, natural deodorants and soaps, Shea Butter, hair and body oils, spices, cleanses and detoxes.

Soon, the company plans to open a Kangen Water store as well the Bay Area’s first Alkaline Vegan restaurant.

“There will be a variety of healthy food choices on the menu and hours will be early mornings and late evenings,” Dasan said.

The entrepreneurs behind this health venture all had knowledge of herbs prior to opening the store, and “we felt this was a need for our community. Especially having a physical store opening up a door to connect with our customers,” Harris said.

 “We take pride in being ‘hood healers’ and look forward to creating more ways to heal the city of Pride & Purpose,” Dasan said.

Natrully Herbs & More can be contacted at (510) 424-9206 and [email protected] and can be followed at; Instagram: @Natrullyherbs and Facebook