Bicyclist fatally struck in Richmond

60-year-old pedestrian fatally struck on Richmond Parkway
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A bicyclist was fatally struck in Richmond Friday afternoon, police said.

At 12:52 p.m., officers responded to W. Ohio Avenue and Richmond Parkway on a report of a traffic accident, according to Richmond police Capt. Al Walle. The bicyclist “rode into the path of an oncoming vehicle and was killed at the scene,” Walle said.

The motorist stopped at the scene and was cooperative with police, Walle said.

No further information was immediately available.


  1. Richmond Parkway is an accident waiting to happen. Instead of blaming the bicyclist, how about blaming the car driver for not respecting the bicyclist’s right to take up one lane or blaming the mis-design of Richmond Parkway.

    • The bicyclist had pleanty of room. Your right .more of a reason a driver should have had him in his view.. The driver ( if he had been paying attention) could have and had plenty of room to avoid hitting the bicyclist…

  2. Actually that part of Richmond Parkway has a protected bike lane off of the rodeway. Bicyclists, of which I am one have a protected lane for ourselves away from parkway speed traffic.

    • The bicyclist wasnt to blame . Or the street. It was the driver. He had to been distracted. By his phone or not looking because anyone driving on that street could see. Bicyclist coming from a distance… the driver was doing something and it was to late to stop.( My opinion.)


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