Construction of The Terraces at Nevin nears completion

The Terraces at Nevin

By Mike Kinney

Construction of The Terraces at Nevin is expected to be completed “in the coming weeks,” but the extensive work to lease the affordable housing development’s 267 total units has been in the works for months, according to Tony Ucciferri, special assistant to the executive director of the Housing Authority of Contra Costa County.

The Terraces at Nevin, located on Nevin Avenue between 21st and 23rd streets, will feature 140 housing units in a building for families at 2200 Nevin, as well as 127 units for seniors at 2100 Nevin.

Thirty-five of the 140 family units, and all 127 of the senior units, will be supported by the County’s Housing Authority under the Housing Choice Voucher Project-Based Voucher rental assistance program, Ucciferri said.

Once construction is completed, “we will inspect the assisted units so that they are compliant with HUD Housing Quality Standards,” Ucciferri said. “At that point, families will be cleared for occupancy, but that process will take a few weeks at a minimum.”

Not all the assisted units are filled up. An application period begins Nov. 2 and ends Nov. 5 for eligible residents wanting to reside in the senior building. To live there, the head of household or spouse will have to be 62 years old or over. Units from studios on up to 4 bedrooms are available, but right now the focus is on filling 3 and 4-bedroom units.

About 5-10 people are needed to a fill a 4-bedroom unit and 3-8 people to fill a 3-bedroom unit. Larger families headed by an eligible grandmother raising three grandchildren, or a senior with adult children, are examples of occupants who would be encouraged to apply.

For more details on the application process and contact information, click here.