Drive-up meditation offered atop Richmond BART parking garage

Drive-up meditation offered atop the Richmond BART parking garage
"Sunset Meditation" photos courtesy of Moyo Institute.

By Kathy Chouteau

A few times a month the rooftop of the Richmond BART parking garage transforms into an unlikely oasis where people can find some peace amid a tumultuous time.

This transformation is all thanks to a collaboration between CoBiz Richmond, Inc. and Gwendolyn Mitchell, CEO/founder of the Moyo Institute, Inc., to offer hour-long, drive-up “Sunset Meditation.” Mitchell, a Reiki master, is providing guided meditation the first and third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. atop the parking garage, offered through headsets either within the participant‘s vehicle or outside it.

Per organizers, prior meditation experience isn’t necessary.

“With COVID-19, racism, shelter-in-place and on-and-on, the stresses on all of us are very real. In response, we wanted to find a way to bring healthy outlets while encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and community,” said the organizers in a statement, adding, “meditation improves mental and emotional health.”

Space is limited for Sunset Meditation and reservations are required. Donation-based tickets and paid tickets are available for $10 per person here. To watch a preview of Sunset Meditation, click here. For more info, contact: Wesley Alexander, CEO, CoBiz Richmond, Inc. at (908) 591-1863 or [email protected].