Richmond youth invited to free online ‘Adventures with Art’ classes

Richmond youth invited to free online ‘Adventures with Art’ classes
Photo courtesy of Pexels

By Katherine Chouteau

Richmond middle and high school students seeking an artistic adventure can sign up for one of three free online classes being offered by Art of the African Diaspora with funding from the City of Richmond Arts and Culture grants program.

The “Adventures with Art” classes are being offered Monday, Sept. 14 through Friday, Oct. 16 by artists Nichole Talbott, Wanda Sabir and Tomye Neal Madison for 15 students in each of three classes (up to 45 youth total).

Per the organizers, in Talbott’s class, students will tour a digital learning space that includes exhibit history, a virtual gallery of the “2020 Art of the African Diaspora” exhibit, artist interviews and studio tours.

Sabir’s class will invite students to contribute to a blog after viewing images of the “2020 Art of the African Diaspora” to enhance their cognitive abilities, grammar, spelling and communication, according to the organizers.

Meanwhile, Madison’s class will explore how the students can increase their personal growth to move past setbacks within an art career or how art can be related to their goals.

Students should indicate their preferred class when signing up and they will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Organizers advise that to work on projects, students will need Internet access with broadband or WiFi so that they can access Google Classroom and participate in Zoom sessions. A printer will also be useful.

To register, fill out the forms on this page and return them to the address indicated by Sat., Sept. 5. Questions? Call Tomye Madison at (510) 823-9150 or [email protected].