De Anza High graduates roll toward bright futures

De Anza High graduates roll toward bright futures
De Anza High Class of 2020 enjoys a car-based graduation in the era of COVID-19.

By Kathy Chouteau

Tuesday morning—amid a jubilant atmosphere that included graduation music, teachers clapping and their parents’ vehicles decorated in balloons and signage—a group of De Anza High School students celebrated their graduations.

The drive-through graduation ceremony was a sign of the times during the COVID-19 pandemic and included no speeches or person-to-person contact. It was the second of two graduations the school held this week by breaking the students into groups to make the gatherings more manageable.

Students and their family members arrived in vehicles at De Anza’s East Gate and then waited for their student’s turn to receive their diploma.

When it was their time to shine, they rolled up in vehicles with their families and stopped at a designated spot. After exiting the car, the student was greeted by Principal Summer Sigler and directed to a small, decorative stage, where they picked up their diploma and posed for photos. All the while, family members cheered and leaned out their windows to snap pictures.

Afterwards, De Anza students rejoined their families and rolled toward their bright futures that lie ahead. Here are some photos of De Anza’s 2020 graduating class.