Lowriders to show support for Richmond High’s Class of 2020

Lowriders to show support for Richmond High's Class of 2020
This lowrider rolled through during last year's Cinco de Mayo Parade. Lowriders couldn't do that this year due to the COVID-19 crisis, but they'll be at Richmond High on Friday to pay tribute to the Class of 2020. (Photo credit: Mike Kinney)

By Mike Kinney

Even though a traditional graduation remains uncertain, the Class of 2020 graduates are scheduled to pick up their caps and gowns at Richmond High from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Either way, they’ll be honored thanks to the lowrider community.

To celebrates the graduates, the Bay Area Peacekeepers (BAP) has invited lowriders to welcome and congratulate the graduates as they pick up their caps and gowns at the high school on 23rd Street, BAP co-founder Gonzalo Rucobo said.

Cars will park in front of the school at 1 p.m. While they’ll be gorgeous, folks will be discouraged from walking up to them to ensure proper social distancing. Rucobo said the event will strictly enforce social distancing guidelines.

The lowrider tribute aims to honor students for their four years of hard work and lift their spirits, Rucobo said.

Numerous lowrider car clubs from throughout the community have been invited to take part. They’re “honored and excited about bringing their cars out” to let students and teachers at Richmond High know they are important in the community, Rucobo said.

“Because of the Covid-19 crisis and because of how important that social distancing is we wanted to make sure that they knew they were loved and supported by us,” he said. “We are all in this together…we shall overcome this coronavirus pandemic.”

Rucobo founded BAP in 2005 with Valerie Arce to help promote peace and nonviolence in the community at a time when violence was rampant. The organization works with hundreds of kids throughout the year at school sites and at the BAP Life Center.