Richmond Chamber creates list of eateries still serving during coronavirus lockdown

Richmond Chamber creates list of eateries still serving during coronavirus lockdown
Raymond's Pizza at 130 Railroad Ave., Point Richmond

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is answering the call of community members who want to know what local restaurants offering takeout and/or delivery services during the coronavirus lockdown.

Today, the Chamber published a list of open local restaurants and is encouraging the community to support them during this difficult time. Print it out and post it on your fridge. Also, check back for updates.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them.


Cafe Soleil, 3550 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante, (510) 758-6134

Sam’s Log Cabin, 945 San Pablo Ave., Albany (510) 558-0502

The Artisan Kitchen & Cafe, 865 Marina Bay Parkway, (510) 235-2323

C J’s Barbecue & Fish 2401 Macdonald Ave A, Richmond, (510) 235-7471 

Great American Burger & Pie, 35 E Richmond Ave., Richmond (510) 233-2223 


EurAsia 12221 San Pablo, 11:30-8:30pm, (510) 234-9898


Tsing Tao 11am-9m, 12372 San Pablo Ave, 11am-9pm, (510) 215-1283

Daimo Chinese Restaurant, 3288 Pierce St, 12pm-9pm, (510) 527-3888

Jin Ye Restaurant, 152 Washington Ave, 11am-9pm, (510) 233-9988

Noodle Fresh, 10042 San Pablo Ave, (510) 898-1710


La Strada, 2215 Church Ln, San Pablo, (510) 237-9047


El Agave Azul, 12955 San Pablo Ave., (510) 307-5749

El Sol Restaurant, 101 Park Pl, Richmond, (510) 260-0163

Portumex, 721 23rd St., (510) 237-7513

Tacos El Tucan, 12505 San Pablo Ave, 12pm-9pm, (510) 374-6538

Taqueria La Bamba, 12345 San Pablo Ave, 11am-9pm, (510) 235-2288

Maya Taqueria, 130 Railroad Ave., Richmond, (510) 374-6594

Tacos el Chino, 2300 Humphrey Ave, Richmond (510) 829-6734


Xinia’s Bakery, 3550 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante, (510) 669-5259


Raymond’s Pizzeria, 130 Railrod Ave, 12pm-7:30pm, (510) 609-4961

Richmond Pizza House, 12343 San Pablo Ave, 10am-10pm, (510) 766-5555

Q’s Hatal Pizza, 12897 San Pablo Ave., (510) 233-1920

Mr. Pizza Man, 353 24th St., 10am-10pm, (510) 234-9900


Snappers Seafood Restaurant, 1501 Ohio Ave, 12-8pm, (510) 235-6328

H. Salt Fish & Chips, 12951 San Pablo Ave., (510) 232-3884


Kai Sarn Thai Cuisine, 130 Washington Ave., 5am-2pm, (510) 233-8585

Sa Wad Dee Thai, 12200 San Pablo Ave., 1:30pm-8:30pm, (510) 232-5542

Sala Thai, 15501 San Pablo Ave, 11am-10pm, (510) 223-2933

Fast Food

Phila Burger Station, 1100 23rd St. 10am-8pm, (510) 234-1445


Huong Trà & Deli, 12221 San Pablo Ave #8, 10am-8:30pm, (510) 234-7428


Anaviv, 600 Hoffman Blvd (near 580) drive through wood-fired pizza, tri-tip BBQ + weekly menus


  1. Hello, my name is Tia, I am a Longtime Resident of Contra Costa County. I currently live in Antioch.
    I am also proud to say my childhood Favorite HSalt Fish & Chips are also open in this time of Need on San Pablo Ave. Richmond Ca.

  2. Banh Mi Ba Le near Central & San Pablo is still open! Owner said it’s been extremely slow but he offers freshly made banh mi, vermicelli, egg roles, roast chicken, Vietnamese desserts, Vietnamese coffee and more. Best banh mi I’ve tasted!

  3. All Nation’s Giant Hamburgers are open!
    Call in phone orders Togo or order through Doordash, postmates and Ubereats for delivery.


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