The heartfelt story behind Armistice Brewing in Richmond

The powerful story behind Armistice Brewing in Richmond
Armistice Brewing at 845 Marina Bay Pkwy #1.

Ever wonder how the recently expanded Armistice Brewing Company in Richmond’s Marina Bay neighborhood got started? recently set off to find out, and what it published on Monday was a heart-tugging profile about siblings who came together at a time of tragedy.

Sister-brother duo Alex and Gregory Zobel founded the popular brewery at 845 Marina Bay Pkwy three years ago. But they weren’t always a team. According to, when the siblings were younger, they lived in separate households after their parents separated. They saw one another “on holidays and during periodic visits,” and their relationship was strained, the newspaper reported. Later in life, however, when their mother declined in her health, they worked to strengthen their relationship.

You can now see why the Zobels named their fledgling business “Armistice,” which the Dictionary states is “an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.”

We recommend our readers check out’s full profile, a beautiful and detailed story about the Zobels and their craft.

The Zobels also gave a nice shout out to Richmond.

“We’re bringing people into the city that may have had a different view of Richmond,” Alex said. “They’re starting to understand how wonderful and beautiful the city is.”