Driver crashes while evading traffic stop on Richmond Parkway

Photo credit: Richmond Police Department

A speeding vehicle ran off the roadway on Richmond Parkway, struck a concrete curb and drove through a chain link fence on Tuesday — all because the driver didn’t want a speeding ticket, police said.

The incident occurred during a speed enforcement operation on the Parkway during the morning commute, where speeding continues to cause a lot of accidents, police said.

A traffic enforcement officer determined the driver was going 94 mph in the 50 mph zone.

“Due to the vehicles high rate of speed, it took more then a mile for the officer to catch up to the vehicle on his police motorcycle,” police said.

Just as the cop caught up, the driver ran a red light, then crashed, narrowly missing hitting a large metal pole. The driver was not seriously injured. The vehicle was a total loss.

After admitting seeing the officer and attempting to evade the traffic stop, the driver was arrested, according to police.

“Please obey the posted speed limit and drive safe this holiday season,” police said. “As this first rain rolls through our city and the holiday traffic increases, please make sure you slow down and are extra vigilant. This driver was extremely lucky that they were not injured. Remember, by slowing down, the life you save might be your own.”