All-you-can-eat fundraiser feast to benefit Northland Nautical Foundation

Northland Sea Scouts to hold open house
Photo courtesy of the Northland Sea Scouts.

The public is invited to enjoy a $25 all-you-can-eat, three-course meal at the Point San Pablo Yacht Club, 700 West Cutting Blvd., on Saturday, Sept. 14, while contributing to a great cause.

The Northland Nautical Foundation, which sponsors Sea Scout Ship 52, a ship used for a local youth program, is set to hold its big fundraising event, the 2019 Tri-Tip Dinner.

“This year we have upped our game with fabulous food, fabulous raffle prizes, and lots of good family fun,” said 2nd Mate John Cockle.

The Richmond Sea Scouts is a program that trains boys ages 13 to 18 in sea-based skills that are particularly beneficial for those interested in a career in the Coast Guard, Navy, or maritime industry. The program trains the youth in nautical skills: linehandling, mechanics, sailing, navigation, carpentry, cooking, leadership, and many other skills involved in operating a vessel.

More information about the program can be found at Northland Sea Scout Ship Facebook page or