Stop signs recommended at five Richmond intersections

City plans to install 4-way stop at 37th St., Center Avenue

Richmond city staff are proposing to install stop signs to enhance traffic safety at five city intersections.

The proposals include adding two four-way stops at S. 2nd Street and Chanslor Avenue and at S. 2nd Street and Bissell Avenue; adding two two-way stops at Washington Avenue and Nicholl Avenue and also at Maine Avenue and S. 15th Street; and one one-way stop at Shane Drive and Hull Avenue.

The city is requesting that City Council approve a resolution allowing for the stop sign installations in the amount of $5,000.

All intersections were flagged by residents as needing traffic calming measures and then analyzed whether they were warranted.

According to the findings, S. 2nd Street and Chanslor Avenue has seen 11 reported collisions during a five-year period, which exceeds the statewide average when totaling the number of cars who enter the intersection during that period.

A high collision history also led to the recommended changes at S> 2nd Street and Bissell Avenue. And while there were no collisions reported at Washington Avenue and Nicholl Avenue, which has had low traffic volumes, stop sign installations are still recommended to ensure safety when drivers are approaching Washington from Nicholl.

“It is recommended that the City remove the existing yield control on Nicholl Avenue and replace it with stop control,” city staff said.

The city is also mulling parking restrictions on Washington Avenue within at least 20 feet of the intersection in order to increase visibility for drivers coming from Nicholl Avenue.

At Maine Avenue and S. 15th Street, there were three relevant reported collisions within a 12-month timeframe. As it’s below the state average, the city is considering two-way stop sign control on S. 15th Street as a trial before committing to a four-way stop control. The city is also recommending painting the curbs red on Maine Avenue near S. 15th Street to prohibit parking and increase visibility.

Shane Drive and Hull Avenue had no reported collisions during the study period and low entering traffic from Hull Avenue. A two-way stop control, however, is warranted, the city said, because a vertical curve approaching Hull Avenue restricts view. The city also recommends the curb be painted red for at least 20 feet on Shane Drive on the south side of the intersection with Hull Avenue.

All recommendations appear on the City Council agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.