Video! Victim hopes to identify burglary suspects

Suspects in the burglary of a home near the Richmond/El Cerrito border on May 11, 2019.

A local resident is sharing surveillance video footage in the hope of identifying a home burglar.

His home on the border of El Cerrito and Richmond was robbed on May 11. Stolen were phones, laptops and video gaming systems and accessories.

While the thieves were caught on the victim’s camera, they’ve been unable to identify them.

“They seem very brazen and I’m sure they will keep attacking houses,” he said.

Home burglaries have been an issue in his area: And only two days after the burglary at his home, people attempted to break into the neighbor’s house, but the homeowner scared them off, he said. A few months ago, his parent’s house down the block was robbed, although it’s unclear whether these incidents were related.

The suspects were described as young adults or teens wearing hoodies and masks up to their faces or mouths who favor breaking into homes from the back or side yards.

For information on this incident, call El Cerrito police Det. Stephanie Ware at 510-215-4420 or email [email protected].