From student to principal at Richmond school

From student to principal at Richmond school
Photo credit: Kenneth Deshone Farr II

A former student at St. David School in Richmond has become its principal.

Kenneth Deshone Farr II first stepped foot on the St. David School campus at 871 Sonoma St. in 1997, when he started kindergarten.

On May 21, 2019, he was offered — and he accepted — the position as the school’s principal.

On Facebook, a grateful Farr posted a fun timeline of his experiences as student, teacher and now principal at the K-8 school. In 2006, while graduating from the school, “something told me my time here wasn’t done,” he said.

“I was 14 years old. Something said I would be back.”

A graduate of Salesian College Preparatory and Cal State East Bay and a star basketball player at both schools, Farr became a full-time teacher at St. David School in 2014, during which time he would earn a credential and Masters degree in Teaching at Saint Mary’s College.

In 2017, he became vice principal while continuing to teach the 5th Grade, and the same year was named as KRON4’s Teacher of the Week. According to those who nominated him for the award, Farr pours his heart into each student, has “a unique gift of making each student feel special,” and is always communicating with and available to parents. Farr was lauded for also taking on the role as 8th grade basketball coach so that the students didn’t have to forfeit the season.

Farr is not planning to slow down in his new role. This fall, he will launch into his administration credential program at Saint Mary’s College. And he has not left teaching, or coaching, behind.
“I am happy to announce that I’ll be keeping in touch directly with the students by teaching an Enrichment class to Grades K-5 each week, as well as moderating our Junior High School Student Council, and being our 7th and 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach,” he said.

The Standard learned about Farr’s hiring from the Salesian College Preparatory Facebook page, which congratulated him on his latest accomplishment.