Richmond McDonald’s renovation nearly done

Richmond McDonald's facelift nears completion
The McDonald's at 23rd Street and Macdonald Avenue.

The façade renovation of one of Richmond’s most visible restaurants – yes, the Mcdonald’s at 23rd Street and Macdonald Avenue – is set to be completed tomorrow, the construction crew told the Standard this afternoon.

The 1980s building underwent a much-needed upgrade after gaining approval by the city’s design review board early last year. Here’s what the building looked like prior to the renovation.

The renovation has modernized the building from all angles. It includes new LED signage and drive-thru amenities, landscaping and upgrades to Americans with Disabilities Act ADA access. The double-lane drive-thru helps in reducing traffic congestion.

Similar upgrades are happening at Mcdonald’s restaurants across the region as the restaurant standardizes a more modern appearance. Here’s a view from the Nevin Avenue side renovated Drive Thru entrance:


  1. I dont know why “Depression Gray” is in style these days. It’s really ugly and depressing.
    Richmond is an unattractive place and especially so there at 23rd and Macdonald where some warm and cheerful colors are badly needed.

  2. I agree with the first comment. As a life long resident, Richmond is certainly in need of better taste in appearance of many of it’s buildings. This grey color at the main crossroads of the city, is deplorable. That big grey hulk is down right UGLY!!! Just Blocks away, is one of the most Beautiful Civic Centers ANYWHERE in the Country. Depressing to say the least.


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