Mini storage/artist studios approved for 205 Cutting Blvd.

One of the earlier project renderings for 205 Cutting Blvd. A later rendering had windows on the S. 2nd Street side of the building, per requirement from the city's Planning Commission. (Photo credit: Barnoff Holdings)

A proposal to construct a mini storage facility with artist studios at 205 Cutting Blvd. was approved by the Richmond Planning Commission last week.

The proposal lured both supporters and opponents to Thursday’s public hearing. The 82,000 square foot mini storage project features 4,870 square feet of artist work studio space, and about 5,000 square feet for retail space including a café and/or bike shop.

Project opponents, which included owners of nearby properties and storage facilities, argued there are already six other similar businesses in the area, and that another was not consistent with the city’s general plan and a Sante Fe neighborhood in transition.

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Supporters argued an influx of new housing developments in Richmond is increasing demand, and also prices, for storage, and that the storage/art space project is an ideal use for a contaminated industrial site.

Ultimately, the four planning commissioners who voted on the project (two commiissioners were absent and one recused) voted in favor.

As conditions of approval, the Planning Commission requested gated parking, gateway signage to the Sante Fe Neighborhood, and to increase the commercial/retail space currently planned for Cutting Boulevard so that it also runs along S. 2nd Street.

The Planning Commission also required that Baranof finalize a Community Benefits Agreement of $5,000 annually to the Sante Fe Neighborhood Council (SFNC). That agreement has not yet been reached. And at meetings in January and February, the majority of SFNC voting members rejected Baranof’s project.

Currently, the light-industrial site harbors a 7,788 square-foot masonry building used by Whale Point Marine & Hardware. The owner of Whale Point is in contract to purchase 145 Tewskbury in Point Richmond in order to move the hardware store there.

Editor’s Note: the story has been edited to clarify the commission’s vote.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the SFNC’s position on the project. The story has since been corrected.

Is there space for another mini storage biz in the Sante Fe neighborhood?
This is the existing site at 205 Cutting Blvd, where a developer is proposing to build an over 82,000-square foot mini storage project that would include space for artist work studios and retail.


  1. What does “four of the seven planning commissioners voted unanimously” mean? Sound like it was NOT unanimous to me.

  2. So this is what we get?
    Point Richmond gets a Hardware store, Santa Fe gets another storage. What do you expect? All the planning board members are from Point Richmond.

  3. There was only 4 commissioners at the Planning Commission meeting. 1 had to recuse and 2 were out of town. So of the 4 they voted unanimously to approve the project. Only 1 of the 7 commissioners lives in Point Richmond.

    Yes, the Whale Point Hardware store with its 10 jobs will live on in Point Richmond.

    It is not only storage facility, there is up to 5000 sq ft planned for artist work studios, a small bike shop, cafe and gallery.

    This area alon Cutting Blvd is zoned for light industrial. This project will not contilribute environmental degradation. As part of the project the developers will be cleaning up the lot since it currently has pesticides from the former United Heckthorn superfund site nearby.


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