24 cars vandalized near Richmond Village Apartments this morning

24 cars vandalized near Richmond Village Apartments this morning
Photos from the mass vandalism provided by an anonymous reader.

Two dozen cars were vandalized near the Richmond Village Apartments in Richmond’s Easter Hill neighborhood this morning, police said.

A resident sent us photos of cars that had their windows smashed, saying the “entire neighborhood” was impacted.

The cars were reportedly broken into around 5:30 a.m., Richmond police Officer Brandon Ruffin said. There were no thefts, Ruffin said. It appears to be a case of mass vandalism.

The anonymous resident said some victims stated they had items taken.

The area where the vandalism occurred ranged from Interstate 580 at the back of Easter Hill and adjacent to Hinkley Avenue.

A suspect was seen running from the area. He was described as a man in his mid 20s to early 30s wearing all black clothing and carrying a black and white bag and a flashlight.

“This person was seen breaking a window of one of the vehicles before he fled the area,” Richmond police Lt. Matthew Stonebraker said. 

Anyone with information regarding the vandalisms are asked to call Sgt. Russell with the Richmond Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit at 510-620-6632.

Mike Kinney contributed to this report