Cutz Training Facility opens in Richmond


Richmond’s Marina Bay neighborhood has a new spacious fitness facility.

Cutz Fitness has moved from its previous location on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito to an expanded warehouse filled with state-of-the-art equipment at 2824 Regatta Blvd.

Richmond brothers Ariel and Arman Alberto own the new Cutz Fitness Training Facility. The business has been around since 2011, launching out of the family garage and later opening in the El Cerrito studio.

The new space is “way bigger” with two large open rooms with high ceilings, allowing for more advanced equipment, Ariel said.

Cutz Fitness is a personal training gym, but with the new space it plans to begin offering gym memberships for those wanting to exercise on their own.

“If you are interested in getting fit, getting lean and building muscle, you can hire a trainer here to help you reach your goals,” Ariel said.

The brothers have a body-building background but offer other training styles, from circuit training to a type of CrossFit training.

Cutz Training Facility opens in Richmond
Richmond native Ariel ‘Cutz’ Alberto is co-owner of the Cutz Training Facility at 2824 Regatta Blvd.

If you want to know why the business was named “Cutz,” you can simply look at Ariel Alberto’s muscular build. But there’s more to the story. In 2010, Ariel survived an assault during which he was stabbed 15 times. That incident changed his life for the positive, helping him to become serious about his future. It also led to the business name, Cutz.

“I went to school and [my friend] said, ‘we should give you a nickname, like Cutz,'” Ariel said. “Cuz you got Cutz, and you got Cutz.”

His friend wondered, “was that too soon?”

But Ariel “Cutz” Alberto liked it.

“It’s become what it is today,” he said.

For more information on the Cutz Training Facility, visit its website here.