RYSE unveiling state-of-the-art Commons campus

RYSE Center invites adults to experience its youth-designed campus
RYSE Commons

UPDATE: As of May 11th, the community event originally planned for May 14th has been postponed. However, RYSE will be hosting a week of youth-centered (ages 13-21) Grand Opening events to take place May 17-20, and community members are welcome to contact RYSE for a tour of the new campus at [email protected]. The article has been updated.

By Kathy Chouteau

RYSE Youth Center has postponed its community event on May 14 introducing the new RYSE Commons campus. However, RYSE plans to host youth-centered events from May 17-20, and is offering a tour of the campus for community members who request one.

The new 45,000 square foot, state-of-the-art campus, described by RYSE officials as “youth-designed,” was constructed throughout the pandemic “to better hold [the] dreams and leadership” of the black, indigenous and youth of color ages 13-21 it serves. It will fully open to the public this summer.

“Highlights and plans” for the expanded space, per RYSE representatives, will include: “Designing for Healing & Belonging” that will involve RYSE youth offering design guidance at the Commons; “Liberatory Health Home,” with plans for a health clinic to meet BIPOC youths’ needs; “Climate Resilience & Liberation Hub,” to ensure readiness for economic, political and climate crises; “Performance, Celebration, & Capacity Building Space,” a place for youth/adult leadership development and to spotlight local artists; and “A Center for Education, Economic & Youth Justice,” where partnerships will increase opportunities for young people and their families to thrive.

RYSE Commons is located at 3939 Bissell Ave. in Richmond.