Can you find the ‘Beer Can Lighthouse?’

The Beer Can LIghthouse (not actual location). All Photos Contributed.

By Kathy Chouteau

The Richmond upcycling artist known as the Beer Can Monolith creator (BCM) is throwing down a challenge to local urban explorers to find their latest and tallest work, the “Beer Can Lighthouse.”

Community members may recall the mysterious artist prefers to remain anonymous and is known for creating iconic beer can sculptures locally indoors and out. Among the artist’s works in Richmond include the 9 ft. tall “Beer Can Monolith” piece atop the hill above Point Potrero, the “Beer Beacon Tower” at Black Star Pirate BBQ, the “Beer Tower” at The Factory Bar, the “Beeramid” at Armistice Brewing Company—and now, the Beer Can Lighthouse. But in order to see it, first you have to uncover where exactly it is.

The BCM creator offered some hints to those who want to venture out to try and find the latest beer can art piece: It’s in Richmond; it’s near a drinking establishment; and it’s by the water.

The artist added that the work is “in an area that is completely wheelchair accessible. It’s over 10 ft. tall and features 218 cans from Armistice, East Brother Beer Co. and Fieldwork.” The work also incorporates 32 oz. crowlers from additional breweries, as well as a variety of other 10 oz., 19 oz. and 24 oz. cans.

“There is a tiki torch on top, though the light broke during installation,” said the BCM creator, who provided the Standard with pics of the Beer Can Lighthouse for easier identification.

Searchers who think they’ve located the Beer Can Lighthouse are encouraged to share pics of it on Facebook with the hashtag #BeerCanLighthouse for bragging rights.

For those who locate the artist’s latest work and want to check out some other nearby pieces, the BCM creator has recently debuted the Wall Series—perfect for selfies—with a curved one installed at Ales Tales in Albany, the “Wallbany” at the Albany Taproom and an “Armi-wall” at Armistice (for starters).

Wall Series

Anyone wondering if the BCM creator drinks all the beer for their sculptures themselves, the answer is no. Friends and businesses have been very generous in contributing to the artistic cause and word from the artist is that Ales Tales and Armistice are now accepting cans for future art projects.

Stay updated on the BCM creator’s latest beer can endeavors throughout Richmond and beyond by visiting the artist’s Facebook page here.