Richmond brewery gets cease-and-desist order from British baking legend Mary Berry

Armistice Brewing Company plans to expand taproom, beer garden
Armistice Brewing at 845 Marina Bay Pkwy #1.

The agency representing Mary Berry, former legendary host of the British show “The Great Holiday Bake Off,” was reportedly none-too-happy that a Richmond brewery used her name for one of its beers.

As reported in SFGate, Richmond’s Armistice Brewing Co. received a cease-and-desist order from Berry’s agency for naming a “massive pastry stout” after her, even though it was intended as an homage to the pastry queen.

As a result, the Zobels said they will sell the beer by a new name: “Cease and Desist Berry,” according to SFGate.

“The label has her image on it, so we’re going to cover it up with upside-down smiley face stickers,” Zobel said.

The brewery made the announcement on social media:

“We got cease-and-desisted! SOMEBODY’S agency has a very soggy bottom, indeed. So, we’re cancelling the release of a certain berry stout that we named after a beloved octogenarian celebrity baker from England, and pouring thousands into a sophisticated rebrand. Stay tuned!”