Another epic 23rd Street Cinco de Mayo Festival

Richmond preps for full weekend of Cinco de Mayo festivities
Tens of thousands of people came out for the annual 23rd Street Merchants Association Cinco de Mayo Festival sponsored by Chevron Richmond. (Photo credit: Mike Kinney)

Could it have been the best attended Cinco de Mayo Festival to date? We don’t yet know for sure, but the large crowds early and by afternoon an endless sea of people could be seen from one of the three stages at the 23rd Street Merchants Association’s Cinco de Mayo Festival on Sunday.

The family-friendly event, a collaboration among local businesses including annual sponsor Chevron Richmond, is among the best attended and most respected Cinco de Mayo festivals in the Bay Area, if not the state.

Local merchants launched the festival 13 years ago to improve public safety and to build more exposure for local businesses.

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Over the years, the festival far outgrew expectations, bringing a peaceful, well-attended celebration on a consistent basis, and has done much to improve Richmond as a whole as well as 23rd Street.

As we are every year, the Richmond Standard was there filming the action on Facebook live and grabbing a ton of footage. Did you end up in front of our cameras? Take a look at some of the video and photos we’ve captured from the fun day.