Richmond-Opoly? Yes, it now exists


Ever wish they made a Monopoly game about Richmond?

This dream has come true.

Today, we received word from Late For The Sky, which has been making custom-Opoly games in Cincinnati, OH, since 1984, that the company has created Richmond-opoly, based on the City of Pride and Purpose.

“We are really excited about the game, it’s filled with favorite locations like the Richmond Art Center, the Museum of History, and the Shops at Hilltop,”  company representative Jessica Staub told us.

Staub offered to send the Standard a copy to review. We will get back to you after playing a few games.

“Richmond-opoly is exclusively available at the Richmond Walmart for $19.98, and games will be arriving soon,” Staub said. 

For more information, a link to the game is here.

Late For The Sky’s games are designed and manufactured in-house, and are based on fun themes like animals, cities, colleges, bacon, zombies, and more.