Shotgun seized after unlicensed driver runs stop sign near San Pablo school

Unlicensed driver who ran stop sign near San Pablo school found with loaded shotgun
Photo of seized loaded shotgun courtesy of the San Pablo Police Department.

An unlicensed driver who “blew through the sign without stopping” near a San Pablo elementary school today was allegedly found in possession of a loaded shotgun, police said.

A San Pablo police officer was conducting stop sign enforcement at a city intersection when the vehicle allegedly ignored the stop sign. The driver was pulled over.

“Upon running the license plate, our vigilant dispatcher advised that it was associated to a previous case where a loaded firearm was located inside,” police said.

A records check found the driver to be unlicensed. Given the circumstances, the officer searched the car and found a loaded shotgun hidden in the trunk, police said.

“A records check of the serial number on the gun revealed it was reported stolen out of Tennessee,” police said.

No one was injured in the incident. The driver was transported to County Jail, police said.