El Cerrito Library officials mourn death of regular patron Daniel Vigil

El Cerrito Library officials mourn death of regular patron Daniel Vigil
A memorial to Daniel Vigil outside the El Cerrito Public Library. (Photo credited to the Library).

El Cerrito Library officials are mourning the loss of a regular patron, 47-year-old Daniel Leo Vigil III, describing him as “a wonderful man who greeted library staff every day as we came to work.”

Daniel Leo Vigil III

Vigil reportedly died outside the library at 6510 Stockton Ave. on Monday. Police were dispatched to the library about 2:22 p.m. and found Vigil on the exterior front entrance of the library with an apparent traumatic injury. He was pronounced deceased at the scene, and police are investigating his death as a homicide.

In the wake of Vigil’s death, Library officials released a statement mourning a “friend and library regular.” They said Vigil, who appeared to have been experiencing homelessness, came to the library daily for the past two years, “during which time he became a staple in our El Cerrito Library community.”

He would send Library staff off each night with a “good night ladies! See you tomorrow!,” officials stated.

“He will be greatly missed,” they said.

Library officials are asking the community to support the police investigation. Community members who may have seen him in the last few days around the library, or have information regarding his death, are encouraged to contact the El Cerrito Police Department Invetigations Unit. Members of the public with video surveillance in the area are asked to check their camera footage, and to share any possible video evidence at this link. 

If you have information, contact Detective Sergeant Cliatt #E093 (510) 215-4418 or [email protected]  or Detective Humberto Rivera #E212 (510) 215-4422 or [email protected].