TikTok video featuring dancing Richmond principal goes viral

Still images from TikTok

A TikTok post featuring a popular Richmond principal dancing while on a distance-learning call with young students is going viral.

As of this writing, the video posted two days ago had garnered over 788,000 plays and counting, more than 133,000 likes and thousands of adoring comments on the social media platform.

In the video, Kenneth Deshone Farr II, the principal at St. David School at 871 Sonoma St., is seen energetically dancing to The Singing Walrus’ catchy tune, Action Song, while encouraging his young students over a distance learning call.

Farr’s partner, Priscilla Aguirre, created the video and posted it to her Tik Tok account, stating, “When I tell ya’ll I love him, that’s an understatement. Co-teaching with my human has been a blast.”

Farr further explained the video on Facebook, saying St. David School has been searching for a teacher for the K/1 class, but hasn’t yet found the best fit. So Farr and Aquirre, a therapist for junior high school students, teamed to co-teach the class.

“We decided that if we did this together, we would have the capacity to give our students what they need during these challenging times,” Farr said.

The video has touched thousands upon thousands of hearts already, with one TikToker stating, “This made my day,” and another remarking, “OMG and you can see them jamming with him!!”

Farr added, “We’re both so grateful for our students, and for our ‘Little School Up On the Big Hill!’ None of this would be possible without the St. David School community and family.”

Farr is a former student at St. David School who became its principal in 2019. Read the Standards story on his hiring here.