WCCUSD unveils distance learning plan, addresses report cards

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The West Contra Costa Unified School District, 1108 Bissell Ave.

The West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD), which has extended school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic until May 4, unveiled a new distance learning program and guidelines Wednesday night.

Teachers, principals and families/parents have been collaborating on a developed distance learning program, now in its second phase, since schools closed March 16 due to the Bay Area shelter-in-place order, according to the district.

“The first phase was an opportunity for teachers and students to become familiar with the resources and tools available to continue their engagement with instruction during the school closures,” the district said in a statement.

In Phase 2, students from grades 2 through 6 can expect three hours and 30 minutes of instruction daily with help from digital learning platform. Students must read for at least 30 minutes on their own daily, and complete and submit eLearning lessons and assignments/assessments as required by a teacher. Students will also receive arts, music and/or physical education instruction.

From grades 7 through 12, teachers will provide 30 minutes of daily student learning time per period through the digital platform of the teacher’s choice. Students must submit eLearning lessons and assignments and spend about 2-3 hours per day on coursework for all classes.

For students from transitional kindergarten through 1st grade, learning can occur online, including with district-issued Chromebooks, or through paper packets. The district is in the process of acquiring Chromebooks for students who need them. These students must read daily on their own for 30 minutes and complete a Reading Log (younger readers may be read to or engage with audio books). They must engage in independent writing on their own daily and participate in some type of physical activity on their own.

Despite the new guidelines, the district said the situation “demands flexibility and patience as we continue to find the best ways to engage students.”

“We understand that many students will have a variety of factors that influence their ability to engage with distance learning,” it said. “No student will be penalized for forces beyond their control.”

To learn more about Phase 2 of distance learning, including resources for families, and plans for English learners and special education, click here.

Report Cards

For those students who thought they might be able to skip over their second trimester report cards, Superintendent Duffy had other news. In a communication Monday, he announced that second trimester report cards for elementary schools will be distributed this week.

As for secondary schools, the third quarter will wrap up Friday, April 3. Teachers will aim to have report cards and Special Education Progress Reports completed by Monday, April 13 and distributed electronically or by mail no later than Friday, April 17. 

Grades will be calculated via assignments that were given to students on or before Friday, March 13, per Superintendent Duffy. Questions regarding report cards should be referred to a student’s teacher or school principal.

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