Summit K2 juniors channel Don Draper to effect change

Summit K2 is located at 1800 Elm St., El Cerrito.

Mad Men? Almost.

Teen students at Summit K2 in El Cerrito recently exercised their inner Don Draper (the professional one, not the martini drinking one) in coming up with advertising pitches in their Advanced Placement language arts classes.

But they weren’t pitching for made-up car makers or cleaning supply companies.

The juniors chose campaigns that could really have an impact. One ad campaign was about picking up trash at K2 basketball games, about the dangers of texting and driving, about consent, censorship, body positivity, cybersecurity, female empowerment and more.

Summit K2 students pitch their ad campaigns as part of a curriculum that focuses on connecting classroom learning to real world experiences.

Summit officials say it’s part of an effort at the school to connect what students learn in the classroom to real-world situations. Students choose what they’re passionate about and infuse it in their work.

The students shared their work with peers and faculty on Thursday, Jan. 31 and Friday, Feb. 1.