BART assigns restroom attendants at El Cerrito Del Norte Station

BART assigns restroom attendants at El Cerrito Del Norte Station
Photo courtesy of BART

By Kathy Chouteau

BART has assigned restroom attendants to monitor the newly renovated El Cerrito Del Norte Station.

The assignment marks the first time BART has had an attendant in an above-ground station, and the first time the transit authority has used its existing staff, and not a contractor, for the role. BART is using existing staff on temporary modified assignment, so there is no additional cost to its budget.

Other BART stations that currently have restroom attendants include Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Lake Merritt, 19th Street Oakland and Downtown Berkeley.

BART said that attendants greet riders, record bathroom usage, check on cleanliness, notify janitors when they are needed and intervene, if necessary, by calling BART Police. 

The El Cerrito Del Norte’s recent station improvements included designing an open concept restroom with partitions and no door at the entryway, according to BART. Riders are experiencing fewer lines due to the new design and the addition of an attendant.

“Since we’ve added an attendant at El Cerrito del Norte, I have personally noticed an improved experience for riders using the restrooms,” said BART Director Rebecca Saltzman.