CCH issues Heat Health Advisory as temperatures rise

CCH issues Heat Health Advisory as temperatures rise
Photo by Francisco Javier Martinez Navio on Scopio

By Kathy Chouteau

With the arrival of the Labor Day weekend expected to bring extreme temperatures above 100 degrees throughout the county, Contra Costa Health (CCH) is issuing a Heat Health Advisory coupled with recommendations for taking precautions against the potentially dangerous temperatures.

Chief among CCH’s recommendations? Head for air-conditioned spaces during the hottest part of the day; by clicking here, community members can access locations and hours of air-conditioned spaces open to the public countywide.

Dr. Ori Tzvieli, Contra Costa County Health Officer, cautioned that “extreme heat can be dangerous, especially when it goes on for several days in a row.” He added that they are urging everyone in the county “to take the forecast into account as they make their weekend plans and take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

CCH also suggested other tips for “staying healthy and safe in hot weather,” including staying hydrated “by drinking more water than you think you need” and also avoiding strenuous activity, like running or intense exercise, during the hottest part of the day. “Take frequent breaks, stay in shade when possible, and wear appropriate clothing. Light-colored, loose-fitting clothes with a hat and sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is recommended,” per CCH.

Residents are also advised to keep their homes cooler “by drawing shades and blinds and keeping windows and doors shut and by keeping off the stove and other electrical appliances when possible,” said CCH.

Those who are particularly vulnerable to extreme heat include older adults and young children—especially infants 6 months and under—so CCH suggests checking on them frequently “to ensure they are safe and healthy.”

Unhoused individuals requiring help during the high temperatures are advised by CCH to call 211 anywhere in Contra Costa County to access services.

CCH’s recommendations to beat the heat come as the National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the Bay Area’s inland regions Thursday through Tuesday, with central and eastern Contra Costa County temperatures possibly surpassing 105 degrees on certain days.

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