Happy birthday, San Pablo

Happy birthday, San Pablo
A news article celebrating the City of San Pablo's 20th anniversary (Image credit: San Pablo Museum)

The City of San Pablo is celebrating its 72nd birthday today, according to the San Pablo Historical and Museum Society.

As the organization explained on Facebook:

“The city was incorporated on April 27, 1948. Before World War II, San Pablo village was a way-station/rest stop between Oakland and Sacramento, best known for its boardinghouses, brothels and saloons. Then came the war, naval shipyards, lots of people and incorporation. This year, San Pablo will be 72, although San Pablo’s history goes back much further, to the days of the Californios — ranchers from Mexico who dominated California before the Gold Rush.

The society also shared a few archived newspaper articles from the city’s 20th and the 25th anniversaries, courtesy of the San Pablo Museum. Find those by clicking here.