Richmond women’s tennis team wins league title, impresses at sectionals

18W3.5 after league championship win. (Photos contributed)

By Molly Myman

After earning a 6-1 league record and an East Bay league title, the Richmond Tennis Association (RTA) women’s 18+ 3.5W team advanced to the United States Tennis Association (USTA) sectionals, where they showed grit amid debilitating heat and poor air quality, according to the RTA’s Jon Sutinen.

In the post-season tournament held at Broadstone Sports Club in Folsom starting Friday, July 30, RTA faced off against Boyle Park (Mill Valley), South Reno, and Broadstone’s home team.

The team secured a 4-1 win against Boyle Park on the first day of sectionals. The following morning, RTA went up against the undefeated Broadstone team. While RTA won the individual singles matches – including a defeat by player Alison Ferrer against Broadstone’s strongest (and previously undefeated) player – the team lost 2-3 in the doubles matches. Later that afternoon, RTA beat South Reno 3-2, but did not qualify for semifinals due to the loss against Broadstone that morning.

W3.5 Team at Sectionals (Photos contributed)

“The RTA ladies brought their team spirit, fought hard, and gave it their all despite the bad air quality over the weekend and the exceptionally hot temperature,” said Sutinen, RTA board member and Director of Clinics and Programs. “This team is dedicated and passionate about tennis and was proud to represent Richmond and the RTA at the Sectional Championships.”

Lynne Ching, Alison Ferrer, Rochelle, Guiam, Shauna Hannan, Elizabeth Ann Haslep, Mizue Kato, Angie Koontz, Sydnie Koontz, Diane Li, Christy Li, Brisa Lowry, Stacie Maa, Fely Mariuzza, Cindy Mark, April Nguyen, Kim Sakaue, Flor Salinas, Kim Shaw, and Mindy Williams play for RTA, captained by Stacie Maa, Angie Koontz, and Sutinen.