NIAD Art Center exhibition to spotlight its newest artists

NIAD Art Center exhibition to spotlight its newest artists

By Kathy Chouteau

NIAD Art Center’s newest artists are taking center stage in its latest exhibition, with the gallery reception slated for Saturday, June 8 from 1-4 p.m.

From June 8 to July 19, “Now Presenting: New Artists of NIAD” will showcase the works of various artists who are new to the art center. The reception and exhibition will take place at NIAD’s home at 551 23rd Street in Richmond.

The gallery reception kicking off the exhibition will have participating artists present, as well as refreshments, DJ Indiana Chones and artwork for sale. The exhibition will feature a diversity of artistic works such as paintings, ceramic sculptures, fiber works and drawings, according to NIAD’s Gallery Programs Coordinator Julio Rodriguez.

Art enthusiasts can also take in a second exhibition currently being shown in NIAD’s Main Gallery, “Care and Respite.”

Slated for NIAD’s Annex Gallery, the New Artists exhibition will feature works by: Gabriel Aidley; Karla Alfaro; Fabian Arias; Kaya Davis; Jorge Guillen; Brandon Harris; Rachel Huber; Christopher Jimenez-Lopez; Faithe Leyandre; Rae Lorvick-Patt; Aileen McCourt; Antonio Morales; Richard Naranjo; Robin Rakoczy; Xiomara Rosales; Mat Van Dongen; Steven Winston; and Cassara Wong.

“It’s a glimpse into the variety of artists’ voices that gather at NIAD and it feels exciting because the artists featured are at the beginning of their careers,” said Rodriguez about the exhibition, emphasizing that the artists are collectively strong coming out of the gate.

Learn more about NIAD’s work with artists with disabilities here.