House Rabbit Society hits record number of spays in a day

House Rabbit Society hits record number of spays in a day
Photos credited to the House Rabbit Society's Facebook page.

By Kathy Chouteau

Richmond-based House Rabbit Society gave a shout-out to its team for helping it achieve a historic milestone May 27—spaying 36 rabbits at its surgery suite in one day.

Spays are much more time intensive and invasive than neuters, so this is “an even more impressive feat,” the nonprofit animal welfare organization shared via Facebook.

The 36 rabbits originated from a case at Marine Humane, a shelter partner of the House Rabbit Society, where a few unfixed household rabbits quickly multiplied into 110 of them.

The organization revealed that it exhausted its $25,000 fundraising goal to cover the recent procedures and encouraged future donations so that they can help even more rabbits.

Staff and volunteers commended for supporting the successful surgeries included Dr. Christine Austin, RVT Grace Santos, Suzzy Gonzalez, Micayla Flasher, Amber Tadena and Larissa Church, and also the medical volunteer team of Dr. Chung, Dr. Luehman, Claire, Lisa, Cat, Ray, Whitney D. and Whitney B.

“The bunnies thank you for your dedication,” said the organization.

The House Rabbit Society is located at 148 Broadway in Richmond. Questions? Contact the organization at (510) 970-7575 or [email protected].