Church plans new, larger center at 4555 Hilltop Drive

Church plans new, larger center at 4555 Hilltop Drive
Photo: Google Maps

Bay Hills Church plans to expand upon its location at 4555 Hilltop Drive.

The roughly 1,000-member congregation, with offices at 4555 Hilltop Drive and a worship center at 4000 Klose Way, is seeking a conditional use permit and design review permit to construct a new church with sanctuary, offices, parking and landscaping at 4555 Hilltop Drive, according to city documents.

The project would demolish the existing 13,600 square feet structure on Hilltop Drive and replace it with a new structure of about 33,700 square feet, including 10,800 square feet of assembly space, 4,075 square feet of classroom space, 1,539 square feet of office space, and a 200 square foot kitchen.

The proposed project would also include lighting, landscaping and a parking lot with 167 spaces, including six ADA-compliant spaces and 11 EV-ready spaces, as required.

The church is preparing an historic evaluation of the existing church at this location, which may range from roughly 44 to 66 years old, depending on the section of building, according to the city.

Bay Hills Church holds religious services there on Sundays. The site would also be made available for Mormon church services on Saturdays and for various other community needs, the city said.

The project is scheduled to go before the City of Richmond’s Design Review Board on Wednesday, Feb. 28.