After hiatus, VFW flea market to resume in March

After hiatus, VFA flea market to resume in March
Photo by Mike Kinney.

By Mike Kinney

After a lengthy hiatus, the flea market at Veterans Memorial Hall in Richmond is set to resume in March, according to members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Association (VFW).

After the Standard recently shared an online events listing for a Sunday flea market at Veterans Memorial Hall in Richmond, this reporter went to cover the event on a recent Sunday and found, like some of our readers, that no flea market had taken place.

We reached out to the VFW and spoke with Commander James Hill, Chief Financial Officer Maurice Espinosa and Community Outreach Worker Vicky Noble.

According to Espinosa, the flea market was open last summer, but there were issues with getting the word out to vendors and visitors.

“But we plan to facilitate opening the flea market to the community this March,” he said.

The VFW is targeting holding flea markets the weekends of March 2-3 and March 23-23 and noted the events will be free to the community. 

From then on, the VFW aims to hold flea markets throughout the year for the community.

For more information about the VFW flea markets, including to become a vendor, call (510) 880-9956.

Photo of items being sold at a VFA flea market, courtesy of the VFA.