Snow in Richmond? Local biz aims to make it happen at Nicholl Park

Snow in Richmond? 20 tons of ice ordered for Nicholl Park
Photo via Pexels.

Let it snow in Richmond.

The city’s Recreation Department is developing an agreement with Richmond-based All Seasons Ice Company to provide 20 tons of ice/snow at Nicholl Park one day during the winter break. The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the park and is free for everyone, according to the city.

On Tuesday, the City Council will be asked to approve waiving fees for use of Nicholl Park to host the event.

Aimed at entertaining the city’s winter camp participants and residents alike, the event would come at no cost to participants or to the city, officials said.

City staff will help All Seasons Ice Company with pouring ice into a machine to generate snow. A snow ramp that children can slide on is part of the plans.

All Seasons Ice Company’s contribution towards this event amounts to $14,000, which covers the cost of supplies, materials and stipends for volunteers, city staff said. That’s far more than the roughly $2,000 cost for renting Nicholl Park for an event, city staff notes.