Rubicon Bakers: ‘Not just a treat. An opportunity.’

Rubicon Bakers: 'Not just a treat. An opportunity.'
Photos courtesy of Rubicon Bakers.

Richmond-based Rubicon Bakers is well known locally for training people who are formerly incarcerated or experiencing homelessness to create delicious baked goods.

But many sweet-toothed shoppers picking up Rubicon’s treats at Target or other stores may not realize their purchase is providing opportunity for people facing systemic barriers to employment.

And so ahead of Thanksgiving, Rubicon Bakers, which was founded in 1993, launched its first digital campaign in select U.S. markets to remind customers about its mission to create social change. The campaign declares how baked goods are “Not just a treat. An opportunity.”

The company says the campaign “marks the first time the company is more deeply connecting with consumers around its purpose.”

“Our artful, always-from-scratch baked goods are crafted by people we welcome into a stable, judgment-free environment where they can bake hope and find happiness,” said Sebastian Siethoff, CEO of Rubicon Bakers. “This campaign lets consumers know they’re bringing home something more than a delicious baked good—they’re supporting people who are working to change their lives.”

The campaign announcement pairs with the release of two new offerings by Rubicon Bakers: Pumpkin Pie and Fudge Brownie Pie. They are sold exclusively at Target stores. Rubicon Bakers also provide vegan and conventional cupcakes and other baked goods at Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Sprouts, and other fine retailers.

All products are baked from scratch, finished by hand, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, according to the company.