BART will no longer accept paper tickets starting Nov. 30

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Photo credit: BART

Beginning Nov. 30, BART will not longer accept paper tickets. The transit agency is moving to a Clipper-only fare system and it is rolling out new fare gates that will not accept paper tickets.

Riders can now buy a Clipper card without the usual $3 fee via their phones. Clipper is now available through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Next year, a next generation of Clipper will be rolled out that includes open payment, providing the option to tag a credit/debit card at a BART fare gate, including Apple Pay or Google Pay, without setting up a card on your phone in advance.

“The next generation of Clipper also opens the door for new discount programs, promotions, and potentially fare capping for BART riders,” transit agency officials said.

While paper ticket balances cannot be transferred onto a Clipper card, BART offers paper ticket refunds for tickets with a remaining value greater than $1. It can be multiple tickets that add up to $1 or more. Click here for directions to request a refund