R&R Cafe enjoys successful first year in business

R&R Cafe enjoys successful first year in business
All photos by Mike Kinney

By Mike Kinney

One year after opening, R&R Cafe in San Pablo is thriving, largely thanks to its welcoming menu and environment.

Recently, the Standard stopped by the eatery at at 1260 Rumrill Blvd. to see how things are going one year after we reported on its grand opening. What we learned in interviews with the eatery’s operators and some of its patrons is that the eatery, led by Chef and Owner Guadalupe Rivera, is attracting both new and return customers with healthy portions of delicious food and warm service.

For example, we spoke with Ms. Green, who visited the restaurant for the first time on Wednesday for breakfast. She raved about her breakfast, the service and atmosphere. Ms. Green and her friend ordered French toast served with bacon and sausage, with two eggs sunny-side up.

Cesar Batz, another new customer who dined Wednesday, said he was set to travel home to Kansas City when he gave R&R a shot. He enjoyed his order of scrambled eggs with cheese, toast and coffee and also commented on the friendliness of the service.

Ali Su, a Richmond resident, was also a new customer looking to try something different during the brunch hour. She said felt at home at R&R.

Ms. Green, Batz and Su all said they plan to return to R&R. And when they do, they may find a seat near Alberto Enrique, a restaurant regular who told us he particularly loves the pancakes and buffalo wings.

The chorus of satisfaction at R&R makes sense, because Rivera says making people happy is the primary goal of his business.

“My only goal is to make them happy and whatever I cook for them and serve them, is done from my heart!”

R&R’s opens Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information call: (510) 210-6919.