‘Story Walk Project’ coming to Wildcat Creek trail

'Story Walk Project' coming to Wildcat Creek trail
Photo via a video from the grand opening of the Wildcat Creek Trail in San Pablo.

The Wildcat Creek Story Walk Project will bring children’s stories to the outdoor environment in the form of outdoor storyboards displaying book pages along the newly constructed Wildcat Creek trail between Church Lane and Vale Road in San Pablo.

There will be about 20 storyboards. The San Pablo LIbrary will replace books on a regular basis for residents to enjoy. The city will provide maintenance to the posts and storyboards.

In February, the San Pablo City Council adopted a resolution accepting a donation of $7,500 from the San Pablo Rotary Club for the Wildcat Creek Story Walk Project. The city allocated an additional $2,500 for the project, which will cost $10,000.

For information on the relatively new Wildcat Creek trail, visit the city’s website here or watch this YouTube video: