Hotel Mac space leased to Richmond restaurateurs

Richmond area businesses suffer amid coronavirus outbreak
Hotel Mac is one of a number of business reporting reduced foot traffic amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. (Photo credit: Hotel Mac)

By Kathy Chouteau

The historic Hotel Mac’s Restaurant and Bar in Point Richmond has been leased to the owners of the city’s Mi Casa Grill, according to Restaurant Realty Company (RRC).

Mi Casa Grill’s owners, Blanca Zepedalomeli and her husband, Juvenal Magna, plan to open Biancoverde (Italian for “green and white”) in the Hotel Mac space sometime in late 2023. RRC said that their concept is to offer a menu “that embraces their heritage with an Italian twist.” The restauranteurs intend to feature both “classic and unique options” in the bar, while also having entertainment in the lounge.

“They will bring their vision of elegance and charm that the space deserves, while maintaining the historic elements of existing architecture,” said RRC, which added that Andy Mirabell of the company handled the lease for both parties.

Aside from the Hotel Mac’s restaurant space, lounge and bar, it also has a wine cellar and banquet room and has long been “recognized for its exceptional dining and a vibrant cocktail bar,” said RRC. The company said the previous restaurant fell victim to the pandemic.

RRC referred to the Hotel Mac as an “anchor business” in the hamlet’s center that was originally built in 1911 and was then called the Colonial Hotel. The Claremont Hotel’s former manager, M.V. McAfee, bought it in the ‘30s and changed its name to the Hotel Mac.

The Hotel Mac Restaurant and Bar is located at 50 Washington Ave. in Point Richmond. Find out more here. Mi Casa Grill is located on the corner of Macdonald and San Pablo Avenues in Richmond. Read the Standard’s past article here.