New Richmond business, ‘Functional Training for Kids,’ offers free class Feb.12

New Richmond business, 'Functional Training for Kids,' offers free class Feb.12
Photos courtesy of Functional Training for Kids.

By Kathy Chouteau

New local business, Functional Training for Kids, is rolling out a free sample class this Sun., Feb. 12 from 3-4 p.m. for kids 4-15 years old. The class will be held inside at 12545 B. San Pablo Ave. in Richmond.

Business owner Angie Vásquez said her aim is to help kids work against being sedentary while they have fun and develop good habits through physical activities and social skills. She said the kids will play sports and other activities while they develop strength, power, flexibility, coordination and cardio respiratory resistance, etc.

Vásquez, who has worked as a personal trainer in the past, ran a similar class in Peru to help kids get more active. She plans to run the classes inside during the colder months and go outside in the warmer months, possibly to a local park.

After the free sample session on Sunday, Functional Training for Kids will offer two classes per week, one hour each for $15 per hour. The monthly fee for eight classes is $120, Vásquez said. She plans to have ten kids per class.

Community members planning to attend Sunday’s free sample class should RSVP to (510) 880-8211.