New Richmond historical walking tour opens up city’s vibrant past

NPS designates Richmond as 'American WWII Heritage City'
Rosie the Riveter Visitors Center, 1414 Harbour Way S #3000.

By Kathy Chouteau

Rooted in Richmond is Rich City’s new multimedia historical walking tour that includes 16 stops along six miles and follows the Richmond Greenway. It puts “Hundreds of years of Richmond, Calif. history in the palms of your hands,” according to the Apple Store.

The tour is free of charge in app stores and online and was developed by the Richmond’s Historic Preservation Commission along with various community groups, historians, the National Park Service and the Richmond Museum Association. It includes audio interviews, 3D models of Richmond, and numerous photos of historical places such as the Japanese rose nurseries, Pullman Palace Car factory, Ohlone shellmounds and much more.

To check it out, search “Rooted in Richmond” on the app stores, including the Apple Store and Android Store.  To check out the East Bay Yesterday podcast on the new tour, click here.