Bay Area bunnies need foster, adoptive parents to hop to the rescue

Bay Area bunnies need foster, adoptive parents to hop to the rescue
Photo courtesy of Bay Area Rabbit Plea

By Kathy Chouteau

Bay area bunnies are in immediate need of foster or adoptive homes, according to a collective appeal from municipal shelters and nonprofits issued by Bay Area Rabbit Plea.

In an appeal described as the first-ever of its kind regionally, Bay Area Rabbit Plea said that local nonprofits and municipal shelters are currently overloaded with rabbits and that there’s an urgent need for community members to provide foster homes or to adopt rabbits.

Bay Area Rabbit Plea said there is presently “a crisis of overcrowding and our groups are working together to find homes for loving rabbits, especially those rabbits needing extra care and healing.”

Those able to hop to the rescue of a rabbit will receive lots of help to get started, including the supplies, training and guidance they need to properly care for their new furry friend.

According to the Bay Area Rabbit Plea folks, “rabbits are wonderful indoor companions” that are clean, quiet—and upon being spayed and neutered—can use a litter box.  They are described by the group as social animals that can learn their names and enjoy playing with toys.

“Under close supervision, they can live with well-behaved cats and dogs, depending on their personalities and prey drive. We will teach you how to safely introduce a rabbit into your household,” said the group.

Here are some of the local participating nonprofits and municipal shelters that have rabbits for fostering and/or adoption and that also have photos available: Contra Costa Animal Services, Contact: Steve Burdo, [email protected], 925.608.8473; Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue, Contact: Brooke Poertner, [email protected]; East Bay Rabbit Rescue, Contact: Joan Wegner, [email protected], 925.519.1723; and the House Rabbit Society, Contact: Larissa Church, [email protected], 510.970.7575.