Friends of the Richmond Public Library to re-open ‘Book Nook’

Friends of the Richmond Public Library to re-open 'Book Nook'
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By Mike Kinney

The Book Nook will reopen at the Richmond Main Branch Public Library on Monday, June 20, according to Ellen Gailing, a board member with The Friends of the Richmond Public Library (FORPL).

The Book Nook supports the need for community members to purchase ‘gently used’ books at bargain prices every day of the week. 

“We accept gently used hard or paperback books published within the last 10 years, media material (CDs, DVDs, BluRay Discs only), art and antiquarian books in good condition,” said Gailing.

Hardcover books cost $1 each, while paperback books are 50 cents apiece. CDs and DVDs cost 50 cents each, BueRay Discs are $1 apiece and special collections on CD/DVD/BlueRay go from $2 to $5.

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Photo of Main Library courtesy of Richmond Public Library.

Starting in August, FORPL will resume its special sale on the first Wednesday of every month (except January) when all books at the Book Nook are priced at 10 items for $3 (or $.30 each).

The Book Nook is one of a number of programs supported by FORPL, a charitable nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that advocates for and provides critical program support to the Richmond Public Library.

“We support the Library’s mission of bringing literacy, learning and cultural enrichment to the Richmond, California community,” said Gailing, a volunteer with FORPL since 2016 and a board member since 2018.

FORPL became a nonprofit in 1982 and has since supported a wide variety of Library programs, including storytime for kids and activities for teens and adults. Through fundraising, FORPL helps supplement the Library’s budget from the City, which might not be able to meet all of the community’s needs, said Gailing.

“Beyond being storehouses of knowledge, libraries are the heart of their communities,” she said. “Through free resources and programs, people can realize their full potential.  Thousands of kids, teens and adults benefit yearly from the Friends’ sponsored activities of our library.”

For more information, visit the FORPL website here.